Thursday, October 30, 2014



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My Bless A Stranger focus has been a low cost enjoyable crowdfunding effort. My first eight projects, all successfully funded, involved a music DVD, a race car, making a movie, Alaskan teens radio program, seats in a theater, a poet, a website and a writing residency. My most recent project has a few days to go and should provide me with a thank you note. To view this project, access type “third grade super heroes” in the search projects area then click on the picture shown. You may enjoy this too
I hope that my most recent book SOWING SEEDS OF FAITH will result in at least one person coming closer to Jesus Christ. It touches upon a means you may use that could cause another, as well as yourself, to be blessed.
It is available in both print and Kindle versions through Amazon. Please tell me if you become aware that my hope is realized.

Check Linden Swift at to view his 3 print books and 7 Kindle E-books. Two of the print books each contain 3 of the Kindle books. Sowing Seeds of Faith is his most recent and is available both as a print book and as an E-book. Please check them out when looking for new reads or gifts.

Check Linden Swift at for music and more. I found that I could start the first song then scroll down and click on “linden swift” just above “subscribe” and click on the #13 song and the entire CD will play in reverse order.
If Linden’s quick computation is correct, the video in the below link shows a coarse comment oftener than once every six minutes as this lady walked thru the streets of Manhatten. It illustrates the general coarsening of society that is evident in many places. Let us hope that it has not yet reached Indiana.
Wednesday started with breakfast at Cick-fil-A. As is often the case, I worked the Sudoku puzzule in the newspaper they have there. Today it was difficult and took two cups of coffee to finish it. Then, I picked up my post office mail and went by the license branch to order new plates. Had nice E-mail notes from Alison. The evening brought dinner and a study at church.


The democrats brought you Obamacare.
Obama, Reid, and Pelosi lead the forces of evil.
Can a non-voter be a good Christian?
Hate crime laws should be overturned.
Baseline budgeting is a taxpayer insult.
Each member of Congress should reduce spending By $3 billion. Result: no deficit spending.
Many Hoosier voters were fooled by Joe Donnelly.
The uninformed or uncaring support Hillary.
It is time to vote the rascals out.