Friday, January 30, 2015



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YAY, YAY, YAY!!! The pledges made January 22 renewed my hope that my project may be funded. Hope so.
After helping to fund more than a dozen successful “Bless A Stranger” projects I decided to allow strangers and friends to attempt to fund my own birthday project. Particulars are located at:

You may also access it by going to type  linden swift or Ireland-is-calling in the search projects area then click on the picture shown to learn the details of this project.
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Linden believes that he joins the majority of Americans in having a great deal of respect for the Office of the Presidency. However, those who occupy that office MUST earn that respect each time the office changes hands. There are several facets involved with earning respect and one of them is to be, except in rare instances, straightforward and honest. Ben Stein, the writer linked below, addresses honesty in regard to the current White House occupant. Linden gave the article an A.
Thursday started with the usual breakfast meeting with the guys: 5 were present and it was a good meeting. Jack did the reading and prayer. Had pizza at lunch with three other guys. Attempted to file a sales tax report but couldn’t manage to accomplish the task and couldn’t read the directions even with a magnifying glass.


The democrats brought you Obamacare.
Obama, Reid, and Pelosi lead the forces of evil.
Hate crime laws should be overturned.
Baseline budgeting is a taxpayer insult.